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So, things over at have changed a bit. I’ve decided that all the comics for Phineus and Magician for Hire will all live on the same site, thus becoming Phineus+Magician for Hire!

I spent a while with them on 2 separate sites, but constantly felt like I was constantly competing against myself. I’ve moved all the Magician for Hire content over to the main site at

All of the issues of Phineus also exist on the main site, as well. The most recent 8 years of Phineus are free to read,  while the Classic Phineus run is available to Patreon members for as low as $1/month.

In addition to all that, Patrons are getting hundreds of Bonus pages of Phineus stories, and ongoing bonus material posted mostly weekly.

These bonus stories are where the Phineus comic will continue, from now on.

Teen Wizard will continue with it’s own site, and will update sporadically, there.

There are lots of stories coming, as well as a  30th anniversary arc, commemorating 30 years since the Phineus started way back in 1991, starting next January and throughout all of 2021. Come, read, join and enjoy what’s up at!