Lightspeed, Terra

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It is with great sadness that Comicadia is announcing the departure of one of our creative teams, and a beloved comic, from the collective.

Terra, created by Holly Laing and Drew Dailey will be doing a soft reboot in the near future. To facilitate that creative process, Holly and Drew have decided to strike at it as a couple and avoid any association with outside sources. As such, this means that Terra will no longer be under the banner of Comicadia. Terra will still, however, be considered part of the family. This applies to Holly and Drew as well.

Comicadia wishes them the very best. We will continue to support Holly and Drew in whatever endeavors they wish to pursue and we hope only for the best things to come for Terra and its wonderful creators!

So, please join us in wishing the best for these two amazing people as they strike out on their own! For future Terra news, we will all need to rely on official posts from Holly and Drew’s Twitter accounts. Please also consider supporting their efforts on Patreon.

We look forward to seeing where the story goes next.