Comicadia Update Roundup, March 9 – March 15

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Another week, another large batch of Comicadia comic updates over the course of this week. So, what is going on? Let’s find out…

  • Things have been pretty serious in Culture Shock.
  • Ever seen a fox with a beard? You will when you check out the new Vulperra.
  • The latest Paisley Brickstone update encourages you to READ. Who said webcomics have no educational value?
  • Never seen Lark run so fast before. We learn new things with every My Hero! update.
  • Tom n’ Artie continues to update on Tapas. You’ve never seen such a serious unicorn.
  • Icarus has been a fun presence in Princess Reaper. Let’s hope that continues!
  • The final story from the Learning Comics team is up on Comicadia Worlds. It’s titled “Children of Aether” and it is a lot of fun.
  • There are some serious revelations over at Aether Eternius!
  • Jacklyn is definitely not the romantic sort in the latest Monster Soup.
  • Turner is sure he wouldn’t fall twice in one day, but I am not so sure. Enjoy a brand new Grapple Seed.
  • It’s tough to make a sale sometimes. I learned that from the latest Mythic Creature Trainer.
  • The second issue of the fourth volume of Cosmic Dash begins in earnest, and it seems we’re finally getting into the head of Guugel!
  • The worst comic on Comicadia, RGBots, updates with not one, but two pages this week.
  • Fans of the Phineus-verse rejoice. There is a new Maynard & Grimm at 7×7 Comics as well as a particularly punny new issue of Phineus Tales starting up.

Well, you all caught up? If you’re looking to catch up with all the updates in one go, consider the Sunday update roundup your source for the latest!