The State of Phineus

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Now that “I Palindrome I” has completed, Phineus will change a bit. The main, free weekly comic will be our sister comic, Magician for Hire, which follows the exploits of Phin and Sara’s daughters Cole and Ro in 2036.

Phineus will continue, as bonus exclusive comics for Patrons, weekly. These stories will eventually be printed as backup stories in the rerelease of all the Complete Phineus trade Paperbacks that will be done over the following year.

The Phineus site will also be used as the main blog for all things Phineus related.

Becoming a patron, and getting access to these stories and the nearly 130 pages and counting, is as easy as a dollar a month!

Head to my Patreon and become a member and automatically gain access to the exclusive material on the Phineus site!

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