Learning Comics! Kicks off with Phase 1

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The students at the Learning Comics! Discord server have successfully finished their first phase of the program! This first batch of students consisted of two teams: Endless 8 and Panel Punks. Each team was tasked with studying three comics of their choice and creating two reports and a short comic implementing what they learned. Endless 8 chose to study the comics Gideon Falls, Locke and Key, and Lailin’s Curse. Panel Punks chose to study The Invisibles, Watchmen, and Hooky.

This post will be focusing solely on the reports the students created. You can read the students’ comics as they are posted over on Comicadia Worlds.

Panel Distribution and Color Tones

The first assignment asked the students to analyze the distribution of panels and the color palettes used in the comics they chose to study. The groups were expected to count the average number of panels per page/issue and describe the tones used throughout each comic. They then had to provide an interpretation of the results they gathered. 

The purpose of this assignment was for the students to develop a better understanding of how to use and properly layout panels, as well as an understanding of the color schemes used in specific genres. They demonstrated this by identifying the types of panel layouts used and providing an explanation for the significance the color tones had in context to the story. 

You can read the full Tones and Panel Distribution reports here:
Endless 8 Panel Distribution and Tones Report
Panel Punks Panel Distribution and Tones Report

Text boxes and Environments

The second assignment required the students to analyze the use of text boxes and environments within the comics they studied. Similar to the first assignment, the students needed to count the number of text boxes per panel/issue and analyze the environments the comics took place in, while also providing their interpretations of the results. 

This assignment helped the students recognize how to best utilize text boxes depending on the comic format, as well as introducing them to the various ways text boxes can be used to convey different types of information. The students were also able to learn more about what types of environments are commonly used in the genre(s) they studied. 

You can read the full Text boxes and Environments reports here:
Endless 8 Chatterboxes and Environment report 
Panel Punks Text Boxes Count and Environments Report

That concludes a strong start to the beginning of the Learning Comics! program. Remember to check under the Learning Comics! category here at the Comicadia Herald for future news and information.